18 Best Food Cities in the US by Region

Best Food Cities in the US by region is really a journey to find out the diverse flavors and styles of American food. We have listed down some of the most commonly loved and enjoyed foods & restaurants in America. If you want to know more about some of the best foods in America by region, feel free to read our article.

It holds a lot of information that will help you with your quest for food. This article only shares the topmost information for food lovers who are on a mission to discover the best food cities in the US by region.

Best Food Cities in the US

Areas West of the Pacific Ocean

Kailua – Kona, Hawaii

If you love good food and plan to make a trip to Hawaii, visit Kailua-Kona. Kona Coffee is the ideal place for you to enjoy the best coffee, along with the idyllic sea and white sandy beaches. For authentic Hawaiian flavors such as the famous poke bowl and ahi tuna, choose Umeke’s Restaurant.


Napa, California

Napa is a favorite place among the best food cities in the US; this western Pacific city offers even more for them, like beaches, delicious wines, etc. There are more than 500 restaurants in this small town so that you can easily combine good food and the same quality wine.

La Toque restaurant offers modern French cuisine with river views, while the Cadet offers traditional cheese and beer in a contemporary environment. You should also not miss the Flavor Food and Wine Festival in Napa during the Cabernet season.


Sonoma, California

Since Sonoma is still known for its wineries in California, this town has so many restaurants that it is easily overlooked. The Restaurants The Girl and The Fig offer excellent wines, a taste of French cuisine. While you want to experience many local delicacies in an enchanting setting, you should choose El Dorado Kitchen.


Mountainous Western States

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, famous in the skiing world, 25 % of restaurants from aspen ranking the best food cities in the US with the top cuisine. Visit the chic Chef’s Club restaurant at St. Regis Hotel to enjoy a meal in one of the best restaurants in the country or the Wild Fig restaurant for a memorable dinner on the slopes. The 520 Grill will satisfy you entirely if you like anything simpler, like burgers and tacos.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the solution with more than 400 restaurants, of which many have been honored when looking for northwest flavors with something spicier.

The restaurant Coyote Cafe offers a quality dinner and has a roof bar with local cuisine. In contrast, the family restaurant Palacio Cafe is available for guests who like to have a more relaxed setting. Sante Fe’s Geronimo Restaurant has been awarded one of the 100 best restaurants in America and certainly deserves a visit to taste the west mountain cuisine of the country.


Logan, Utah

Le Nonne is a popular restaurant because famous Chef Pier-Antonio Micheli supervises it. The area’s other top restaurants are Angie’s classic northwestern restaurant and Cafe Sabor bistro. The Rocky Mountains behind you, while enjoying delicious dishes, will satisfy you entirely both with the tastes and its beauty.


The Midwestern States of America

Hamtramck, Michigan

You might be surprised to learn that you can taste Michigan’s Eastern Europe. The Hamtramck is the perfect spot for authentic Polish food in Michigan. At the end of the 20th century, the Hamtramck population was mainly Poles, and many immigrants from eastern Europe reached the area.

It is clear that the immigrant families have kept the tradition in a very delicious way with highly-rated restaurants like Polonia Restaurant and Polish Village Cafe. You won’t miss the options if you have visited those restaurants.


Galesburg, Illinois

While most people prefer Chicago to try local food, true lovers of food choose Galesburg. Located on the west side of Illinois, this hidden little-tasting paradise features more than 100 top restaurants.

The oldest restaurant in the town, Coney Island, is Galesburg. Opened at the beginning of the 1920s, this restaurant attracts thousands of tourists interested in delicious food. If you prefer to taste the present, you can enjoy quality French cuisine at any time of the day, at Landmark Cafe and Creperie.


Monroe, Wisconsin

Monroe in Wisconsin is known for its cheese festival area and has many restaurants that are loved by cheese fans. At the Baumgartner Cheese Store and Alp and Deli Cheesery, you will find a wide variety of cheeses, from Swiss cheese to aged cheddar, that you can easily combine with local delicacies.


Northeastern Regions of America

Burlington, Vermont

Situated just south of the Canadian border, Burlington is ideal for a weekend break, particularly when you love food. Burlington is known for its beers and breweries, but it is also known for its numerous cuisines and is one of the best food cities in the US.

For starters, visit the Zero Gravity Brewery to enjoy some of Burlington craft beers before heading to the American Flatbread Restaurant to try delicious homemade pizzas. Would you like to taste French flavors but don’t want to leave the northeast? Leunig Restaurant serves classic French dishes. You should definitely try this.


Newport, Rhode Island

Because of their size, a visit to Rhode Island might be a good choice for a short break. But considering that 20% of the restaurants in Newport have great reviews, you can choose to spend a bit longer in this small area.

Since Newport is a beach town, booking a dinner cruise to see the attractions of the city is a brilliant idea, and enjoy the seasonal and delicious local delicacies. Go to the scenic Bowens Pier in Newport for even more fresh seafood.


Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, is another exciting place in the best food cities in the US. As Maine is on the Atlantic, many tourists are not surprised to visit the area to try Maine’s delicious lobster. If you’re not trying your delicious lobster patty, a trip to Portland is not complete.

Scales Restaurant has the best lobster patty. The Central Provisions restaurant is famous for its elegant look and rustic décor, and the East Ender restaurant serves very deliciously traditional soups for other excellent dining options.


South-Central Areas

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

When most of us think about the American roasts, our thoughts go south. You will not disappoint Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is the heart of classic southern cuisine, and one of the best food cities in the US. Customers have given nearly half of the city’s restaurants four stars, including the Dreamland BBQ restaurant, which serves traditional barbecue. Their menu includes traditional and delicious dishes like ribs, sausage, and pudding bananas. While in the elegant restaurant Evangeline’s, you will find flavors of modern American cuisine.


Driftwood, Texas

If you are in Texas, you should visit Driftford, one of the best food cities in the US. Driftwood is located just outside the state capital, with just a dozen restaurants serving grilled delicacies. Surprisingly, 85% of restaurants are rated five stars by consumers, so Driftwood has hardly any bad taste experience.

First of all, Salt Lick is renowned for its fine-grilled meat and is one of the state’s best-known restaurants. This beautiful restaurant serves grilled ribs, breasts, and sausages and makes it very comfortable.


Ocean Springs, Mississippi

We hope you haven’t had enough of grilling yet. Otherwise, how are you going to get across the southern part of the country? Ocean Springs’ cuisine is dominated by charcoal grills.

The award-winning restaurant The Shed is an excellent place to begin an exploration of the sausages. They won more than twenty awards for their barbecue sauce. Also, In the south, visit the Catfish Restaurant of Aunt Jenny for a romantic dinner.


Areas of South Atlantic Ocean

Winter Park, Florida

Visitors who enjoy good food should avoid Orlando’s theme parks and tourist areas and instead visit Winter Park. The Hillstone Restaurant will give you quality cuisine with good scenery. Other top picks are the modern Italian restaurant Prato and the modern American café 310 Park South. So people who love good food won’t be deceived by visiting the city.


Asheville, North Carolina

In Asheville, you can find a lot of barbecue grills and good wine, but here you can’t stop your choices. You will find many excellent restaurants in this area in the South Atlantic Ocean to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Start with the impressive restaurant Corner Kitchen, which guests can dine in a classic Victorian country house with contemporary American food. 12 Bone Smokehouse is what you’re looking for if this isn’t your style. Soft pork and juicy ribs will not deceive.


Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville hosts Restaurant Week every summer. You should definitely visit this event as in Charlottesville, you will find more than 300 restaurants, Bodo’s New York Breakfast restaurant is an excellent choice if you like bagels and sandwiches. At the same time, the Citizen Burger Bar offers relaxed food and beers that blend perfectly with its classic American menu. You can visit one of Charlottesville’s many great breweries for more local beers.


Final Words

We hope this article helps you complete your mission to discover the best food cities in the US by region. Please share this article with your friends and family.

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