What to Look Out for While Buying Footwear for Kids

So, you want to buy your kid shoes but are unsure what to look out for a while to buy them? If you have a kid, you probably know the dilemma. It is hard enough when you are buying clothes for an adult. If you are buying shoes for your kids, make sure that these points are considered and follow these tips for buying the right pair of shoes that your kids will love wearing.

Buying Footwear for Kids

1. Consider Your Kid’s Age

Your child’s age is a very important factor when it comes to choosing the right footwear for your kid. For infants, footwear that provides support or safety is not really needed because of fewer attempts to move. The actual requirement of footwear that provides security and support arises when your kid starts crawling, walking, or moving around; until then, simply putting on socks would do the trick. This is because, at this point in time, all that your kid’s feet require shelter rather than safety or support.

As your kid grows, you might want to choose footwear that offers more safety and support as they start moving. This means that the footwear you choose must enable your kid to move freely. When your child is making their first attempts at walking or crawling, you certainly do not need bad, itchy, or tight footwear to hold them back.

Another idea is to go for footwear with Velcro bands, as at this growing age, your kids might want to learn to get dressed up by themselves. Going for complicated footwear like the one with lays may complicate issues for them. So keep in mind that the footwear must be easily handleable for your kids as well because, in the end, it is them who use that footwear.


2. Between 12 and 18 Months, Choose A Comfortable and Flexible Shoe

It is between the age of 1 year and 1.5 years that your kid will probably start crawling and making their first attempts at walking. So between months 12 and 18, you would want your kid to have the comfiest footwear possible.

At this point in time, temperature regulation is an element that you should be most concerned about. Making sure that your kid’s feet stay in the right and comfortable temperature can facilitate a better activity for your kid.

Choose footwear that doesn’t protect your kid from the cold; they might stop trying to move around. But at the same time, you certainly do not want your kid to have sweaty feet and slip. So, keep in mind these factors when choosing good footwear for your kid between 12 and 18 months.


3. Buy the Shoes in the Late Afternoon

I’m pretty sure that this tip might sound dumb, confusing, or senseless to you. But trust me, it would make a lot of sense. It is advisable for you to shop for your kid’s footwear in the mid or late afternoon because it is in the mid or late afternoon that your kid’s feet are probably at their largest size.

And when it comes to getting the right size footwear for your young one, it is obvious that you need footwear of the right size. So, in the afternoon, when your child’s feet are ready, is the best time for you to make them try on shoes and choose the right one for them.

This way, the risk of getting smaller footwear that can be uncomfortable and cause a lot of trouble for your young one is well avoided.


4. Choose A Wide Footwear

It is a common mistake made while choosing footwear for your young ones to ignore its width. We often pay heed to the length of the footwear and if the fingers are having a hard time staying in or if the heel is fitting properly.

But if there is ample room for the fingers in the footwear is often a question that is ignored. Having enough room for the toes is very important. The toes of your young one should not have to overlap be stuffed into a small space. So, while getting footwear for your kids, make sure it is wide enough.


5. Proper Grip

While choosing footwear for your kid, the grip is of major importance. And when it comes to grip, there are two kinds of grip that you should ensure. Firstly, the footwear should be well gripped onto the feet, which can be ensured by using footwear with Velcro or laces.

Secondly, the footwear should offer a good grip on the ground or platform. This means the footwear should not have a smooth and shiny bottom which may make your kid slip or fall down.


6. Breathable Material

Make sure that the footwear you choose for your young one is made of suitable materials of good quality. Allergies and infections to the skin, as well as excess sweating, itching, etc., may be the result if you choose footwear made of lower quality or wrong materials.


7. Ensure Protection, Not Restriction

The footwear that you choose for your young ones should have a special combination of protection and comfort. It should not be footwear that is more restrictive than it is protective. Good freedom of movement to the ankle and comfort to the feet are required while selecting kids’ footwear.


8. Don’t Go for A Used One

While getting footwear for your kid, make sure it’s new. The problem with hand-me-downs in the case of footwear are numerous. In a way, the feet of kids and the footwear grow on each other, so using footwear that has already been used can cause several problems, including infections, allergies, foot aches, etc.


9. Correct Size

It is quite common for parents to buy bigger footwear for kids and use the “they will grow into it” argument to justify buying. But that is not actually an excellent way to go. This can cause the footwear to fall off the feet and cause a lot of problems with the style of walking. So make sure only the right size footwear is purchased, not loose ones, not tight ones.


10. Choose Flat Footwear With A Minimal Heel

Choosing flat footwear for your kid will make sure that they do not have back or spinal cord issues as they grow up and give ample freedom of movement. Choosing footwear with heals may cause back pains and other health issues, which are certainly a no-no for kids. So, next time you get footwear for your kid, it’s a good idea to get a flat one with a minimal heel.


Final  Word

If you ask me why the best of the best should be chosen when it comes to choosing footwear for your loved one, the answer is pretty simple. Without anyone telling you itself, you know the importance of your legs in your life.

Your legs and your feet play a major role in your life as it permits movement and a lot more. From walking to running to driving a motorbike, your leg helps you in many places. And during the years of growth and development, childhood is extremely important to give adequate care and attention to your kid’s feet.

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