18 Top Fast-Food Restaurants in the United States

There are currently over one hundred fast-food restaurants in the United States, which means that Americans spend more money per visit to a fast-food restaurant than any other type of restaurant. They consume three times more food at chain restaurants than at home restaurants. These chain restaurants are very profitable, so it is no wonder that many people are choosing to eat out for their dinners and snacks.

However, Americans are not only choosing to eat out, but they are also choosing to eat in their cars. The rise of mobile eating habits has created for some fast-food restaurants in the United States a very competitive market, making it important for a person to plan their eating schedule around what they want to eat at a certain time of day.

Fast-Food Restaurants in the United States

1. McDonald’s

This fast-food restaurant is widely known. McDonald’s has been a favorite fast-food restaurant for decades, with more than 275,000 franchises worldwide. McDonald’s is known for adapting the menu to your country. This is what makes McDonald’s stand out. McDonald’s offers hamburgers for as low as $1 in the United States. This price can vary depending on the day, and online coupons are also available. This franchise is undoubtedly a favorite of tourists.


2. KFC

This is one of the most well-known chicken franchises. It can be found in all 50 states, as well as 140 other countries. There are more than 23,000 locations worldwide for this franchise, so it doesn’t matter where you live; you can find The best chickens at the lowest price.

The menu offers different chicken options, nuggets, tenders, wings, with sandwiches. You can also order side dishes such as mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, corn kernels, cornbread, French fries, sponge cake, and the best coleslaw. KFC is an excellent option for families due to its variety of family-friendly options.


3. Arby’s

It all began with a sandwich place that was first opened in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio. This sandwich shop became an Arby’s franchise in 1965. Arby’s sandwich lovers will find a wide range of sandwiches made with meat, poultry, turkey, and fish. A variety of side dishes are also available, including cheese fingers and onion rings.


4. Burger King

It is the 2nd largest fast-food hamburger chain worldwide. It offers a variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches as well as chicken nuggets (with or without cheese), french fries, onion rings, cheese fingers, milkshakes, and pies.


5. Five Guys

Nearly 1,500 franchises are available in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Five Guys is your best choice if you’re looking for a fast-food burger place with an American flavor and a simple menu. You can choose from 4 types of hot dogs, 4 types of hamburgers, and 4 types of veggie sandwiches. Also, there are two kinds of French fries.


6. Hardees

Hardees offers a wide range of food, including hot dogs, sandwiches, and chicken, as well as breakfast. There are many options for breakfast, including ham sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. Enjoy a delicious American meal at a great price.


7. In-N-Out Burger

This famous restaurant can be found in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. The menu is straightforward: 3 types of burgers, such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and a double cheeseburger. Also, you can get french fries and three varieties of milkshakes (strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate). When ordering, there’s not much to think of. Order, eat and go.


8. Panda Express

It is well-known that Chinese food is expensive in the United States. But, now think about a fast food restaurant that isn’t about hamburgers, but is about Chinese food. It offers a variety of chicken, rice, noodles, and meat and a selection of vegetables with an Asian-American flair. Panda Express has over 1,000 locations worldwide.


9. Popeyes

A fried chicken franchise is offering a menu that is very similar to KFC. The menu is based on fried chicken. KFC’s only distinction is that the franchise offers fried shrimp overflowing, while the rest of the options are limited.


10. Sonic

This is a brand new restaurant that operates in 3,855 locations all over the United States. The menu features 4 types of cheeseburgers, 7 breakfast options, and 10 snack options. You can choose from three types of chicken sandwiches, as well as chicken tenders, chicken wings, and chicken popcorn.

You can also get frozen drinks like lemonades, soda, milkshakes, and soda. This fast food place offers an extensive selection of American cuisine. The best thing about this place? You can order your food right from your car.


11. Chick-fil-A

This franchise is renowned for its quality and customer service. The menu includes a wide variety of sandwiches, the best breaded and grilled chicken nuggets, and three types of salads. There are also various accompaniments like soup, French fries, salad, yogurt, mac, and cheddar. You can also order a drink. Chick-fil-A may be a little more expensive than other fast-food places, but the quality of their food is excellent.


12. Chipotle Mexican Grill

This is a new way to enjoy Mexican food in a bowl. There are many Mexican food franchises across the United States. The menu is straightforward. Choose what you like from proteins, vegetables, rice, dressings, and then place it in a bowl. You can also make your burritos or tacos with tortillas or chips. The food is fresh and healthy.


13. Culver’s

Culver’s is known for its delicious hamburgers, milkshakes, and friendly service. There are many options for food, including 10 kinds of hamburgers, 3 types of chicken sandwiches, and 2 types of chicken tenders. You can also choose from soup, French fries, and vegetables. It sounds incredible, I’m sure. This menu will shock you.


14. Dairy Queen

The fast-food chain already has more than 6,400 outlets in the United States and all over the globe. The menu includes burgers and chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken spreads, salads, chicken wraps, chicken tenders, chicken strips, French fries, onion rings, cheese balls, pretzels, and ice cream. This concept is very similar to McDonald’s and Burger King.


15. Subway

It is the largest sandwich franchise globally, with more than 40,000 locations across more than 100 countries; Subway is a great choice for sandwich lovers and those who want to eat healthier. Subway offers a wide variety of sandwiches and a variety of salads.


16. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a Mexican-inspired food chain you’ll find across the United States. You can choose from tacos or burritos as well as quesadillas or nachos. There are also vegetarian options. This fast food joint is a great choice for those who want to save money but still eat a lot.


17. Wendy’s

The franchise now has over 6,500 locations across the United States and 29 countries. It is a fast-food restaurant that stands out from the rest by offering square-shaped meats. Wendy’s menu offers many choices and is very varied. The prices for breakfast are very reasonable.


18. Zaxby’s

This fried-chicken franchise is available across 17 states in the United States. The menu is quite basic and focuses on selling fried chicken. It only offers three types of chicken sandwiches, while the rest of its menu focuses on chicken wings, nuggets, and salad.


Final words

We could have included more fast-food restaurants on our list, but we chose only the best 18, but you are the person to decide which is better for you. And the best part is that fast-food restaurants in America aren’t just for the kids anymore. Many adults are becoming addicted to these delicious treats as well.

If you want to get a good meal at an American fast-food restaurant, you need to stick to something that tastes good and something that has a reasonable amount of nutrition in it. It is better if you avoid getting sauces with heavy oils in them. Also, you need to avoid menu items that are high in calories and fat because they will just end up adding more fats to your diet.

We hope this article will help you to choose the best fast food restaurant for you. Please share this article with your friends and family, have a nice day.

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