How to Save Money at Best Buy | 11 Useful Shopping Secrets

We all want to save money whenever we are shopping. Best Buy is one shop that allows you to buy good quality products at the best price. But, how to save money at Best Buy? Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to shop better at Best Buy.

how to save money at best buy

1. Get the Best Price Match

Best Buy is one of the few companies that will price match Amazon and other online merchants like Dell and warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

But, suppose you look at Crutchfield and TigerDirect specifically. In that case, if you’re looking for a computer, computer components, or electronics, some of those merchants offer incredible prices, and the fact that Best Buy is prepared to compete with them and match that price should give you a vote of confidence.


2. Get Rewards Through Feedback Survey

The fundamental goal of performing this feedback survey is to gather all positive and negative feedback from customers and employees, which will be used to improve the store experience. Furthermore, if you are from Canada, you must visit the official website at and devote 2 minutes of your time to participate in this survey. They are offering exciting prizes for your honest reviews about the store. You will be receiving an entry to the $1000 Gift Card Prize Draw.


3. Extra Discount for Bulk Orders

How to save money at Best Buy with Bulk Orders? Suppose you’re buying many products from a Best Buy store, such as a home theatre. In this case, you can negotiate an additional 10% or 15% discount on accessories and peripherals. If you have a TV and want to buy a soundbar and all of your AV cables, they’ll usually negotiate a little bit, especially on their in-store brands.


4. Know When They Restock

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Best Buy restocks the great majority of its inventory. As a result, most of the bargains and sales are listed on Thursday evening by the close of the business day. They do this to capitalize on the weekend shopping rush.

On the other hand, if you go shopping on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be met with a swarm of people and may not always find the savings you’re looking for. Based on their restocking and delivery schedule, Thursday evening is an excellent time to visit Best Buy.


5. Avoid the Geek Squad

When possible, avoid the Geek Squad. They’re ecstatic to try to persuade you to get your Geek Squad protection plan. Many smart home tech items and other products are continually updated with new features, and you won’t be able to find the same product in four years.

So if it breaks in the third year, you won’t receive the same thing, and the manufacturer’s warranty also covers it. Furthermore, acquire devices from manufacturers or organizations such as Samsung or Sony. You may be eligible for their warranties and protection plans, which may eliminate the need to pay extra money for each purchase.


6. Use the Students Discount

On Best Buy’s website, there is a section dedicated to student discounts. And these discounted prices often exceed Apple’s educational deals and significant discounts like $300 off on Surface Book 3s.

By the way, that is an excellent PC. It is jam-packed with numerous ways for students to take a break from devices and technology. So also keep this in mind when purchasing at Best Buy.


7. The Best Trading Program

How to save money at Best Buy using the trade program? This is one of the best and most aggressive trade programs I’ve seen. If you trade in your old model for credit toward purchasing a new one, the distinction is issued to you as an E-gift card. So if you wanted a new iPad Pro, for example, you might get $300 back if you traded in your old one.


8. Join the Rewards Program

I’m going to suggest that you join the Best Buy Rewards Program, not because you want your email clogged with additional promos or offers, but because it accomplishes a few things that, in my opinion, can save you between 10% and 15% every year. Yes, if you have the Elite or Elite Plus membership, which implies you’ve spent between 1500 and $3,000 every year, you get free shipping on anything at Best Buy.

However, in addition to the rewards points, which act as a rebate and additional discounts on purchases, the Best Buy newsletter’s early access and exclusive deals, whether online or in-store, can help you save a lot of money when you buy in-stock items during the holiday seasons.

If you want that early notice, they can provide you an additional discount, and you should take advantage of it. And if that’s not enough to get you to join the Best Buy Rewards Program.


9. Change the Delivery Options

If you’re a Best Buy rewards member, you’ll get free shipping on any order of $35 or more, and Elite and Elite Plus members will get free shipping and free scheduled delivery on all orders, regardless of value.

However, if you purchase a smaller or low-cost item, choose the Best Buy free ship to store option. If your Best Buy doesn’t offer it for local pick up, or you want to take advantage of something like curbside pick up, use the store pick up option.


10. Buy From the Outlet

The Best Buy outlet is the first location I recommend you visit anytime you shop at Best Buy. It’s a section of the website that’s separate from the main one. They used to have a Best Buy website called Kaboom, which sold clearance and open box items.

It was just a side project. It was similar to a daily deal website but only sells open boxes, refurbished, and recertified items. This is similar to that, but with the added benefit of dealing with Best Buy customer support if something goes wrong. And some of them could refer to a piece of equipment.


11. Avail Price Adjustments Through Rewards Program

How to save money at Best Buy through the Rewards Program? The Price Adjustments – means if a price reduces after you purchase within 15 days, you may be eligible for a price adjustment.

However, the price adjustment window for my Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus customers is extended to 30 days or even 45 days for Best Buy Elite members. And that’s significant because we all know how prices move, particularly over 45 days.

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Final Words

We hope you have got some ideas on how to save money at Best Buy. Are you ready to save some money the next time? Share the article with friends and family to help them as well. Good Luck!!!



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