How to Shop at IKEA | 9 Secrets to Save Money

IKEA is one of the best stores that we go to buy home décor and furniture. Unfortunately, we always end up spending a lot of money on IKEA than we planned. So, how to shop at IKEA? There are many loopholes in IKEA that will make your shopping experience better.

These are the top 9 shopping tips to help you save the most money at IKEA and learn something that very few people know today.

how to shop at IKEA


1. Find the Right Route

Now, the first thing I want to say is that when you walk into the IKEA store, many of us believe the only way to get through it is the way IKEA wants us to walk through it, which is a never-ending, walk this way, left, right, follow the arrows on the floor, walkthrough 11,000 square feet of bedroom furniture before you find the one kitchen item you’re looking for.

However, you may not know that there is a way to get through the store, which is revealed on the in-store shopping list (route) that you can pick up,  which will save your time, and I know it will save your money too.


2. Check Out the Bins at IKEA

As you move closer to the checkout register, the pricing of those impulse bins that you see throughout the store gets better and better. Unfortunately, that’s also not the ideal place in the store to look for a bargain.

So, as much as we all adore those enormous bins, be cautious. The As-Is department of the store is usually the best place to look for a bargain. The best riches can be found in these categories. These are things that have been returned, and they are being sold as-is.


3. Buy Online from IKEA

If you are not a fan of crowds or wait hours, you can order all of your IKEA furniture online. But, how to shop at IKEA online? Order and pick delivery to the in-store and see how it looks in person before loading it into your car for a flat $5 fee.

This “curbside click collects service” launched in several nations currently available in the United States, Canada, and Sweden.


4. Join the IKEA Family

If you join the IKEA family, which is essentially their VIP group with many benefits, the most significant incentive you’ll receive is a 90-day price guarantee.

So, if you buy something and the price reduces after you buy it within 90 days, IKEA will pay you the difference as long as you save the original receipt, which is very crucial to notice. And after a massive buying binge, that’s a lot of cashback in your pocket.


5. Know Where to Buy Missing Parts

Many of us know how to shop at IKEA and buy products, and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it has to me numerous times, and we discover that an extra screw or hinge is missing. It irritates me. It’s even worse when you return to IKEA and are convinced that you must stand in line to purchase that item. You are not required to do so. I’m going to tell you two things that you should be aware of.

First, you may go into an IKEA store, wave down a store associate, and they will show you the bins of extra screws or pegs that you can take for free as long as you have a receipt and have purchased the merchandise. You can also phone your local IKEA store in many regions and have the missing components mailed to you for free.


6. Buy from Third-Party

On Amazon, there’s a way to purchase genuine IKEA things. If you are going to buy something from IKEA and want to pay near to what you’d pay in your local IKEA store, IKEA sells its products on Amazon through third-party distribution houses, and most of them are prime products. So you can take advantage of that and save money on shipping.


7. IKEA’s Return Policy

IKEA boasts one of the world’s best return policies. You have 365 days to return, even if you’ve assembled your stuff; as long as it’s in a resaleable condition, you have 365 days to return it. This does not include faults or product malfunctions.

Also, you may expect to wait an average of 90 minutes to return your product to an IKEA return center, which is usually a distinct entry as part of the IKEA shopping warehouse, on Saturday or Sunday, with wait times often exceeding two hours. Therefore, I strongly advise you to schedule your return for a weekday morning.


8. Contact the Sales Associate

When you go to Aldi or Trader Joe’s, you’ll notice that the salespeople are eager to assist you. They come up to you. They approach you and strike up a conversation with you. When you walk into a furniture store where the employees are paid on commission, they will usually stock you at the door and follow you around the store.

The IKEA employees are highly diverse. They lurk in the back corners of the store, oblivious to your presence unless you approach them. If you come to a salesperson, you have two options, all of which are related to the shopping secret.

To begin, if you’re approaching, an IKEA employee can usually give you a coupon or assist you in getting an additional discount on your product that’s related to your move; you’ll get an extra 20 to $25 off a more considerable buy. The second thing is that if you see a model and an in-display model in a store. It’s the last available product for something you want; the sales associates can tell you whether or not you can buy the store display model.


9. Try Before Buy

How to shop at IKEA Place? It is an augmented reality app with a virtual reality product placement in your home, where you can take photos of your room and then see exactly how a couch or a chair and Ottoman, or whatever it is, will look in your space. It’s a fantastic free app.


Final Words

We hope you got an idea about how to shop at IKEA using the secrets mentioned above. There are many ways you can get a better experience at IKEA. If you found this helpful, don’t forget to share it with friends and family. Keep Shopping!

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