How to Shop at Lowe’s | 12 Lowe’s Shopping Secrets to Save Money

As someone who always likes to shop, we have always tried to save money whenever we are shopping. Sometimes the tricks are in front of us, but you never knew how to shop at Lowe’s and realize these tricks. Here are the 12 latest Lowe’s shopping secrets that will save you money.

how to shop at lowe's

1. How to Read Price Tags

Lowe’s has a two-tiered clearance tag system that can be a little perplexing. The first sort of clearance tag reads “Clearance” and also says “New Lower Price.” That signifies this is a 60-day temporary sale and not necessarily the best deal. The second type, a clearance sticker from Lowe’s that says Clearance, was the most common. This signifies you’re getting a product that’s towards the end of its discounted period.


2. Rent Products

If you know how to shop at Lowe’s, then you will be aware of hundreds of products that are available for rent at most locations. Lowe’s Tool Rental costs between $15 and $60 every 24 hours for an average product that costs between $200 and $1,000 but is only used a few times.

This is ideal for short-term projects. If you have a DIY project like bathroom remodeling or lawn maintenance during the spring season, try renting rather than buying for a fraction of the price. And, rather than a long-term refurbishment, I would recommend this for short-term initiatives.


3. Distance Matters

Many of us have visited a Lowe’s shop and spotted a significant appliance that we want to purchase. We’ve determined that if the goods are worth more than $299, you will get free shipping. This isn’t always the case, though. If the recipient’s address is within 75 miles of a Lowe’s store, shipping is free. Otherwise, your free shipment may be subject to a few additional charges.


4. Bulk Savings

If you’re working on a vast project, search for the “Lowe’s Buy in Bulk” web portal, which can save you an extra 10% to 30% on anything. And if you’re shopping in the Buy in Bulk section, where you can save a ton of money on door hardware, drywall, fences, pipes, and everything else.

An extra 10% to 30% savings to understand that the Buy in Bulk section exists and that particular product, when gathered in Bulk, will put more money back in your pocket if you hunt for that tag or identify factor online.


5. Pro-Business Center

While finding out how to shop at Lowe’s, you should know their Pro-Business Center which is a crucial customer support center that isn’t only for contractors. If you spend at least $1,500 on a large project, people in this area can give you 5 to 30 percent off. The quote they provide you with is likewise suitable for 30 days. Lock in the Pro Business Centre Volume Discount Pricing if you’re apprehensive about making a large purchase over Christmas or any season.


6. Save Money on Cutting

Lowe’s cuts lumber, as many regular Lowe’s customers are aware. But did you know they also offer accessible shelving, curtains, carpet, pipes, chains, and even electrical wiring? In fact, on my most recent Lowe’s shopping trip, I noticed a couple of items getting cut for free over a long period because I spend a lot of time in stores taking notes. This is an underappreciated section of the store that you should take advantage of now that you’re aware of its existence.


7. Discounts

Many of us know that the heroes who live among us are rewarded with military and veteran discounts, which may be used on top of deals, which Lowe’s may not want you to know.

However, if you ever have the opportunity to buy a gift card at a discounted price at Sam’s Club, which is a common thing we see. If you are shopping online and visit websites like Gift Card Granny or Raise offering cash discounts on a Lowe’s gift card, meaning you can buy a Lowe’s gift card for anywhere between 3.75% and 10% off depending on what’s being offered on that part of the website, you should take advantage of it.


8. Lowe’s Advantage Card

The Lowe’s Advantage Card gives you 5% off every day or six months of special financing. There’s also an 84-month fixed and reduced APR on some qualifying purchases for long-term projects like house renovations. Furthermore, you save 5% every day.

In addition, you will get 20 % off up to $100 for account opening for the first time.


9. Better Price Match

One of the better price match programs is Lowe’s Price Match Promise, but it’s misused. Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond,, and even JC Penney will price match. You could have completed that transaction at Lowe’s for a matching price instead of looking for your app to buy from one of those businesses.


10. Rebates

Never buy a large appliance without first verifying your ZIP code for rebates. Many of the additional refunds to which you are entitled are never publicized in stores. The Rebate Center is an excellent tool for incentivizing or lowering the cost of a purchase. Right now, I could save more on LG appliances, General Electric, and a variety of other brands.


11. Pick Up Truck

Lowe’s will rent you a pickup truck for $19 for an hour and a half, with unlimited miles and fantastic day rates. Jarrett Bellini of CNN has observed buyers spend double or triple this fee in the store for a U-Haul that they’re trying to rent via their app.


12. Lowe’s Loyalty Program

You can get personalized offers and exclusive discounts if you join the Lowe’s Loyalty Program, regardless of your contractor ability. If you’re a program member, you can get Appliance Haul Away for free when you buy a new appliance. You can still take advantage of discounts and special offers if you are not a professional or a contractor.


Final Words

We hope you have got some ideas on how to shop at Lowe’s and save some money. Share with your friends and family if you found this helpful. Let us save money together.

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