16 Money Saving Supermarket Tips & Tricks

Save money on a supermarket can seem like a monumental task, but it really is not that complicated. Hopefully, this article will give you some helpful pointers if you are looking for some Money Saving Supermarket tips and tricks.

money saving supermarket tips

1. Stay Out of Interior Hallways

Supermarkets have been designed to ensure that all essential ingredients, such as dairy products, are located at the end. This makes it difficult for customers to browse the aisles and purchase unnecessary items. It would be best if you avoided the interior corridors. Only take what you really need.


2. Don’t Be Afraid of Discount Coupons

Coupons can be one of the best Money Saving Supermarket tips and tricks. You can find them at the websites of supermarkets and keep track of new offers before the purchase.


3. Don’t Be Fooled by Brands

You may be used to always buying the same cereals, but private labels are usually cheaper. The normal thing is that they use products from other companies with their own label, and they usually offer them at a lower price. Take a look at the ingredients to make sure you are buying the same product.


4. Look Up and Down: The Most Expensive Products are Placed at Eye Level

Supermarkets try to position the most expensive products on shelves where we can see them first, as we tend to focus more on products near our eyes. You should look for lower-priced products on the upper or bottom shelves of your shopping cart.


5. Buy Raw Legumes

Many people buy cooked legumes simply because they are scared of the idea of cooking with them or because they do not have the time. A legume dish can be prepared in a matter of minutes, even though the cost difference isn’t huge.


6. Don’t Go Shopping Hungry

This one is definitely the best Money Saving Supermarket trick. It’s common for people to go to the grocery after work and before dinner, just as they’re getting hungry. With a hungry mind, they will acquire more than necessary. On the weekend, you can shop with a full stomach and save on unnecessary items.


7. Stay Away From Pre-Cooked Products

Even if the food looks delicious, don’t buy pre-cooked. You can buy all the ingredients you need at the supermarket and make your own food for a fraction of the cost. Also, freshly prepared food will taste better.


8. Try to Buy Food That is in Season

You will hear it again and again: seasonal products are a good idea. These products will taste great and save you lots of money. You’ll end up spending more on food that isn’t in season because it comes from far away.


9. Don’t Go for Exotic Spices

It’s fine to try new things in the kitchen. However, it is not always the best choice to purchase spices from your local grocery store. You can save some money by buying spices and other special ingredients at a local market or international store.


10. Think About Buying Bottled Water

The market for bottled water is worth a million dollars. A half-liter bottle of water costs on average 30 cents. You are expected to consume four bottles per day. This is equivalent to $36  per year that you could save if your tap water is available.


11. Make a Shopping List

No matter how good your memory is, you should make a shopping list, and that will be a Money Saving Supermarket tip. So, you will avoid purchasing unnecessary items and ensure you don’t forget anything.


12. Try Not to Go Shopping With Children

Even though there may be no other option, it is not best to go shopping with your children. Children will often ask you for products that aren’t necessary, and it can be hard to say no to them. So always try to follow these Money Saving Supermarket tips and tricks.


13. Don’t Buy Prepared Salads

It is convenient to buy a bag full of cut & clean lettuce. However, it can also be very expensive. You can make a significant difference in the taste and cost of lettuce if you wash and prepare it yourself.


14. Pre-Cut Fruit is an Unnecessary Expense

If an employee gets paid to do a job that you could do at home, like cutting a mango or watermelon, you will end up paying more bills.


15. Don’t Spend Money on Aromatic Herbs

You can create your own garden. It is possible to have your own garden even if you only have a small space. The price of herbs at the grocery shop is quite high. It’s more profitable to buy the whole plant and keep it at your home than purchasing a few leaves from the grocery store.


16. Saving Money With Bulk Purchase

Many of us find ourselves eating far more food than we should, simply because it is convenient and often less costly. One of the easiest ways around this problem is to look for bulk items at the supermarket, such as flour and sugar, and items with long expiry dates.

These items are usually priced in the lower end of the shop, so it is natural that we find ourselves eating far more of them than we should. By buying in bulk, we can enjoy massive savings on our grocery bills and have a greater amount of food available to us at any time.


Final Words

Filling a cart is not cheap. In addition, it is very easy to go to the supermarket for a few things and end up with an empty wallet. But since food is a necessity, there are not many other alternatives, and buying fresh ingredients to cook at home is still the most economical and smart way. However, our smart Money Saving Supermarket tips and tricks will help you save some money at supermarkets.

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