Kroger Feedback Survey & Get 50 Fuel Reward Points

The Kroger feedback survey is an excellent opportunity for customers who have just visited a Kroger store. By taking part in the survey, you can let the shop know if you were satisfied or dissatisfied with the products and services you received. Only a few simple questions will be asked about your most recent trip to a Kroger store. It takes approximately 5 minutes to provide feedback on your most recent trip to the Kroger store.

Before completing the Kroger Survey, you must know the guidelines and requirements. By being aware of and adhering to them, you can quickly enter to win the rewards. You will learn how to complete the Kroger Customer Survey most efficiently by reading this post.


Why They are Conducting the Kroger Feedback Survey

Loyal customers of Kroger Feedback can participate in the customer satisfaction survey through If you are qualified to participate in the survey, you will receive a reward after completing the Kroger Feedback survey. The Krogerfeedback survey gives you a chance to share your thoughts and feedback about your most recent trip to the supermarket.

The renowned retailer uses an established survey called Kroger Feedback to determine its customers’ satisfaction with them. Many other businesses have conducted similar surveys to enhance their services. Similarly, the customer experience is intended to be improved by the survey.

The survey questionnaire asks how the staff acts, how well the food is prepared, and what the quality of the product is. Every comment submitted to the Kroger Feedback Survey is evaluated, and if necessary, the retailer changes its services. When you revisit Kroger, you will have a better shopping experience thanks to Kroger’s analysis, evaluation, and implementation of the suggested changes.


Kroger Customer Survey Reward

Once you have done your Kroger customer feedback survey correctly, you will receive 50 Fuel Points as a survey reward.


Quicksteps to Get 50 Fuel Points

  1. Go to com/feedback to access the Kroger Feedback website.
  2. Enter the Kroger ID if you have any, along with the time and date of your visit. Or else you can just click on no receipt and start the survey by entering the store phone number, time, and date of the visit.
  3. Respond to all of the survey questions. All inquiries will be based on your most recent trip to a Kroger store.
  4. Finally, provide your Loyalty Card Number or Phone Number to receive the rewards.


How to Do the Kroger Survey at – Detailed Guide

1. Visit, Kroger’s official website, to begin the Kroger Customer Survey.

2. Choose the grocery or pharmacy survey according to the store you have visited.

kroger feedback

3. Check the receipt for an Entry ID, and select Yes or No.


4. If yes, enter the Kroger ID and the date & time of the visit.

5. If No, enter the store phone number, date & time.

krogerfeedback survey

6. Before clicking “Start,” double-check that the time and date of the visit you provided are correct.

7. Now, you have to answer the survey honestly based on your experience. survey

8. There are many questions about the nature of the products offered at the store, how operations are handled, and the salesperson’s behavior.

9. Respond to the questions with your genuine opinion.

10. After answering all the questions, provide your Loyalty card number or phone number to receive the 50 fuel reward points.

11. After the survey, 50 fuel points will be credited to your card within 5 days. feedback


About Kroger

The Kroger Company, an American retail business nationwide, runs supermarkets and multi-department stores. It first began operating in 1883.

The Kroger Company is the largest supermarket operator in the nation and the fifth-largest general retailer in sales. With more than 5 lac employees, 24 branch stores, and numerous sub-stores, it serves customers across the US.

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Kroger Contact Details

Contact Page:

Phone Number: 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377)


Final Words

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