Target vs Walmart | Why Target is Much Better?

Target vs Walmart: We have seen a trend where shoppers spend more time in Target than in Walmart. We have come up with many valid reasons as well. Both Target and Walmart have been some of our favorite stores for affordable purchases. But are they affordable and reasonable? Let’s take a look at why Target buyers don’t like Walmart much.

target vs walmart

Target vs Walmart

George Dayton and John Geisse were the two people behind establishing one of America’s favorite stores – Target. They first opened the store on 24 June 1902. Quite a long journey, isn’t it? They are famous for their affordable range of products. It is headquartered in Minneapolis, and the store has spread its hands to nearly 2000 stores worldwide. They have many categories such as beauty, health, clothes, electronics, bedding, accessories, garden, pet supplies, toys, etc.

Walmart is also a store where you can buy various items at an affordable range. They have a long chain of department stores, discount stores, and also grocery. Sam Walton is the man behind the origin of Walmart. It is headquartered in Bentonville and founded the store on 02 July 1962.


Customer Service

Let us look at their service. We have always noticed that Walmart is very behind when it comes to customer service. Target is frequently mentioned as a favorite among shoppers due to its friendly atmosphere.

Walmart has a reputation for being chaotic and cluttered. The stores are too vast and overwhelming for many shoppers. One consumer reviewed that quickly getting in and out is very difficult at Walmart.


Shopping Environment

In the Target vs Walmart competition, Target offers the most well-organized displays and the most health and beauty products. In recent years, Walmart has contributed to the decluttering of stores. At our local Walmart, the aisles and shelves seemed a tad claustrophobic and congested. The retailer had some trouble locating the things we were seeking for. Target’s food aisle was more aesthetically pleasant, less crowded, and more organized than Walmart’s.

Therefore, the customers find it easier to be in Target and have a better shopping experience rather than having an unpleasant one in Walmart. We all will choose a store that is cleaner and easier to reach than a cluttered and congested one.


Clean & Tidy

Cleanliness also is a big part when we consider visiting a store. Have you ever noticed how clean Target stores are? We feel like they are always keeping the things in place and cleaning. Target stores are way lot cleaner than Walmart.

This gives the clients a better look at the brand, and also it will get them a clear image of the store. The aisles of Target are also much approachable than Walmart. Customers find it easier to see things at Target than at Walmart.


Quality and Price: Target vs Walmart

While Walmart’s house brands were often less expensive than Target’s, many shoppers in online reviews expressed a strong preference for Target’s store-brand items, claiming that the quality is superior even though the price is occasionally higher.

Target, in particular, has a standard for having better supermarket alternatives than Walmart. Target’s Good and Gather represents an expansion into higher-brown, but still relatively cheap. Specialty food items like an Avocado Toast chopped Salad Kit, which we found only at $4.99.

Many parents praise Target’s Up & Up infant items as store-brand favorites in the personal care category. When we ask shoppers, which is the cheapest- Walmart or target, they will always answer, Walmart. But is it true? We have noticed that even though Walmart has gained the position of best buy at the lowest price, the story isn’t real.

Most of the products in Walmart are much costly than Target. And obviously, we have mentioned the quality as well. But people think that Walmart is better and sometimes doesn’t bother to change. On the other hand, target customers know very well that they have been spending much lesser money than Walmart shoppers.


Better Designs

Many shoppers claim that Target has a better style when compared to Walmart. Although it has made an image of Cheap Chic, they have some sections that offer outstanding ones. Target has accompanied designers as well to make them better.

When we look at Walmart, we cannot see anything special. We have a hard time finding something good in Walmart collections most of the time. This is also a reason why people opt for Target and not Walmart for shopping.


Return Policy

When comparing the Target vs Walmart return policy, most items can be returned to Walmart for a refund or exchange for up to 90 days if a receipt accompanies them. Returns made without a receipt are eligible for a refund of up to $25 in cash; if the amount exceeds $25, a gift voucher will be provided. Customers can also return purchases, including groceries, to a store with a receipt within 90 days. However, there is a specific procedure for claiming refunds on perishable items that cannot be returned in-store or by mail.

Target has a similar 90-day return policy with a receipt, which can be extended to 120 days for Target RedCard members if the item is in new condition. Any item from Target brand can be returned for up to a year. These policies cover groceries alone, with no exceptions for perishables.

If the conditions stated on the package slip are met, the goods purchased online can be returned to the target store. Returns without a receipt may be accepted for selected items. Here also we can see that Target has a better policy for returns when compared to Walmart.


Final Words

Hope you got the clear winner of the Target vs Walmart competition. Target shoppers have many reasons why they choose Target over Walmart. They have better quality, return policy, style, service, and much more in Target when compared to Walmart. Hence, they are choosing Target!

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